Food! The very sustenance of life. With the evolution of the human race, our production of food manufacturing has now involved into the largest sector within the various advanced manufacturing industries in Australia. In this episode, we showcase four leading experts within food manufacturing, food technology and food science! Jana Cameron (President of the Food Association of QLD), Lea Reid (Senior Development Technologist at Earlee Products), Trish Linderman (R&D Manager) and Juju Chen (Food Technologist) join forces to deep dive into a detailed discussion on this amzing industry. Each guest humbly shares their expertise on the various details of the food industry unravelling responses to questions such as: What is involved in the food industry and food sciences? How has it evolved? What are the technologies involved? Robotics, Data, IoT…, What are the different career paths & employment opportunities within the food industry? What are the key skills & attributes required? Following this knowledge share, each guest goes on to details advice for future food technologies and scientists as well as what 21st century educators now need to take on to align with the requirements of the industry. Tune into this delicious episode for all the ingredients required to understand exactly how to succeed within food industry.


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